Hiya! Thanks for stopping on my site, you've made it!  🎉
My name's Emily, and I'm a Lettering Artist based in Bristol, UK. 
So what's a lettering artist? Well. I'm pretty much obsessed with letters. That's whats buzzing around my brain when I'm trying to sleep at night. Fonts, logotypes, lettering, typography, murals, calligraphy, you name it I love it. And my absolute favourite thing about lettering is that I can create it and design it myself - by hand. Whether that's pushing the pen tool around on screen to create the perfect font that embodies your company values, or getting messy with paint to create the perfect handwritten brush script for your logo. I love to turn lettering into a bit more of a work of art, and make people feel something that they wouldn't quite get if everything was just set in Helvetica. (No shade Helvetica, I still love you.)
My passion for type started when I was studying design at uni back in 2010. After that I worked as a graphic designer for eight years in design agencies, then in 2021 I plucked up the courage to go it alone and start my freelance career as a lettering artist.​​​​​ Since then I've been having a ball, delving into font design, working for my own clients, creating letters big and small.
So that's me! I'm available for freelance work and eager to find my next favourite client. I work for both commercial clients and alongside design studios and advertising agencies. So please get in touch if you have a project you'd like to chat about.​​​​​​​
Selected Clients: 
O2 / Target Neutral / Channel 4 / Provident / Upfest / Network Rail / Bristol City Council
For the past ten years or so, most major rebrands have had a similar approach to logotypes; minimalism. Strip out the script and swashes, the serifs and the contrast, the colour, the gradient and the interesting shapes, anything which makes this logo unique, and replace it with a modern sans serif. Bonus points if it’s all in caps and tracked...